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Pro-ConstitutionIgnorance of our Constitution makes us vulnerable to destructive ideologies like Critical Race Theory, but more on that later. My point here is that we have dropped the ball on passing down knowledge of how our Constitutional Republic is supposed to work. The 10th Amendment, ratified in 1791, is very clear on the fact that the federal government has only those powers delegated to it by the Constitution, and that all other powers not forbidden to the states by the Constitution are reserved to each state. The overreach of today’s federal government is unconstitutional and, therefore, illegalWe need to introduce bills in the South Carolina House to nullify illegal federal overreach, and we need to study our own South Carolina State Constitution and follow it as well. 


Pro-Second Amendment – I don’t personally choose to open carry. I’d rather have my protection in my pocket because I’d prefer any perpetrator to have to wonder whether I’m armed or not. Some perpetrators might be tempted to relieve me of my protection if I’m showing it off, and if that temptation led to action, someone might get hurt. The Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms. It does not say where to keep them or how to bear them.  It is my right under the second amendment, ratified in 1791, to carry my arm concealed or open. I choose concealed, and I have the right to choose, and so do you. The Supreme Court affirmed in 2008 for the first time that the right belongs to individuals. In McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010) the Supreme Court ruled that state and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing upon this right. Our state representatives have recently claimed they have done something great to support the second amendment with their latest “open carry” legislation. The legislation they passed is flawed. Any municipality can negate your right to open carry whenever they want, just by posting a sign. It’s been done in Greenville since that legislation passed, so it is only open carry subject to the approval of those who make the signs. We need to introduce a bill to pass Constitutional Carry in South Carolina.


Pro-Life – Abortion is the murder of a helpless human being. Now that we have the means, through ultrasound imaging, to actually see this human being in utero, we cannot unsee that truth.    Murder is not an act to boast about as in the “Shout your abortion” movement.  Murder carries consequences.  The heartbeat bill our legislators have bragged about has been stopped in its tracks by a federal court.   It wasn’t the bill we needed anyway.  The bill we need would honor life from the moment of conception.  It would negate the existence of “Planned Parenthood” which is, by the way, an oxymoron.  This agency exists because the two people responsible for the new life in question did NOT plan parenthood.  Parenthood carries consequences – big time consequences.   When there is an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, that’s a problem for the individuals and their families to address – not the government.  The Supreme Court’s action in Roe vs. Wade was another example of the government’s unconstitutional overreach, and what has followed from that decision has crushed our moral compass.


Anti-Illegal Immigration/Pro-Law Enforcement – I am pro – legal immigration. Because I’m pro-law enforcement, I am anti-illegal immigration. People who have immigrated here the lawful way have invested in this country by learning about it. Many of them know the Constitution better than those of us who were born here. They have waited their turn in line, have studied our history, have learned our laws, and have paid good money to become good citizens. These people are understandably furious that others from their previous and other countries are pouring over the border with no intention of investing their time, money, and effort to learn and appreciate our history, culture, and language, and to actually assimilate like they have. Many of those crossing the southern border illegally come here at the direction of the drug cartels and human traffickers to rob our country up one side and down the other. They are being encouraged to do this by our own current federal bureaucratic administration which is actually handicapping ICE and Border Security and giving the interlopers free transportation to disperse them all over the country. It is, in my opinion, nothing less than an orchestrated invasion of all the states, not just the southern border states. We need to come up with legislation to protect our own state and our communities from this invasion and support and strengthen our law enforcement infrastructure to prepare for what’s already here and what’s on the way.


Pro-Repair and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure – There is a huge amount of South Carolina citizens’ tax money, around a billion dollars, sitting idle somewhere in Columbia after five years of the 2cent per gallon per year tax gas increase. This is more money than we were told it would take to fix all the roads and bridges in South Carolina when this law passed five years ago. We citizens were told that money would go to improve our infrastructure, our existing infrastructure, not to build additional infrastructure.  Using that money for anything other than what the citizens were told it would be used for is theft. Someone needs to be accused, tried, and convicted of that theft. If the attorney general will not investigate the misappropriation of funds within the SCDOT, then we need to introduce legislation to hold him accountable.


Anti-Critical Race Theory in Public Schools – As I mentioned above, ignoring our founding documents has lead first to disrespect and even hatred for our founders’ ideals and then to those ideals being replaced by all manner of destructive ideologies. What we have with Critical Race theory is an all-out attack on our founding principles. “Educators” will tell you CRT is not being taught, just like they will tell you Common Core isn’t being taught, even though last year my grandson’s math book had “Common Core” right across the front cover. Many parents are deciding to just take their kids out of the public schools and place them in private schools or homeschool them, but many others can’t afford to do that. Everybody bears the same tax burden for public schools whether they have kids there or not, and that amount is 57% of our 2022 taxes.  That only leaves 43% for fire protection, police protection, county administration, and infrastructure. I spent the better part of my life teaching in public schools, and I did that during the desegregation era. With pain and suffering over that thirty year period, we had come a long way towards equality of opportunity for all races when the Marxism of “equity” popped up along with “political correctness” and “social justice.” Do the words “correct” and “justice” really need adjective qualifiers? I’ve been an advocate for public schools all my life, but the Department of Education, which was first established and began calling the shots in 1980, has become a political weapon. We need to get the government out of education and place the responsibility for raising our kids back into the hands of the family and local community.


Anti-“Vaccine” Mandates – These mandates intimidate citizens into allowing the government to dictate what should go into their bodies. This is government overreach at its worst.  We cannot comply.  Additionally, we cannot accept being tracked or having to use vaccine passports to travel. We must nullify all of these edicts and dystopian plans coming down from those who have an insatiable lust for control over those they deem beneath them. There’s an old saying, “That would take an act of congress” which translates, “That would never happen.” We have to start with an act of congress and pray fervently that that will work to end this Marxist madness.