My fellow District #18 citizens, welcome to my webpage.  This way of communicating is new to me, and I’d much rather it be face to face, but here goes! 

As many of you may have seen on my “palm card,” my “theme” is “Your Common Sense Candidate.”  The person who came up with that was a man I’d only just met, but he sort of summed me up in that one four word statement.  I was born here, and have stayed here except for my time away at Clemson and in the National Guard, and I’m 73 years old.  I love the land.  That was how I was raised.  You take care of what God has given you, whether that be land, animals, or people.  That’s basic to me.  That’s common sense. 

Not enough people are using their common sense these days.  I guess with everything that’s been thrown at us in the last few years, it’s hard for some to remember when right was right and left was left, not to mention when right was right and wrong was wrong. 

There’s a lot that’s wrong, and maybe it’s been wrong for longer than we thought, but when you realize a wrong, it’s your responsibility to call it out and try, at least, with the strength that the Lord gives you, to adjust it to the right – even if that means starting all over on it.  I guess you can maybe tell that my Grand dad was a carpenter, and he taught me how to measure really well before building. 

So, that’s why I’m in this race.  I think a lot of people are homesick for common sense these days.  We need to remember what our Grand dads taught us about right, left, and wrong.  And we need to find in ourselves the courage, like our Grandparents found in themselves, to face what is already upon us, what we know is wrong, and what is determined to erase our God given common sense. 

I need you to find your God given common sense and help me move what’s wrong to the right.

Keith Jones
Your Common Sense Candidate

864-877-2842 (Home Phone)



When you see my signs, you might notice they are planted in people’s front yards and not on the side of the road or at all four corners of an intersection, or attached to a stop sign.  That’s because I like to have people’s permission before planting a sign supporting me, and I don’t like to litter the state’s public right of way.  If you do see one of my signs there, let me know, and I’ll pick it up and put it in the front yard of a supporter where it belongs. 

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